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North Carolina Governor Likens Voting to Buying Sudafed

Illustration for article titled North Carolina Governor Likens Voting to Buying Sudafed

On NPR's Here and Now, NC Governor Pat McCrory was interviewed after he signed a bunch of voter restrictions into law that – shockingly – disproportionately impact the poor and minorities.


He sticks to the same soundbites, and this one is my favorite:

“We’re requiring the same identification that you need to get almost any government services, including food stamps, including a tattoo in North Carolina, including Sudafed in North Carolina...”




And since when has a Republican come out in favor of more bureaucracy? (Not counting those totally necessary laws that protect the general welfare of our country's tiniest citizens.)


Given that this mostly impacts poor, minority, and elderly folks, the use of this "government services" language is curious. I mean, food stamps? It's almost if... ah, forget it.

But he's doing the right thing, right? Voter fraud - scary stuff!

Except the type of fraud these protectors of justice are trying to prevent is a non-issue (unless it comes down to the gentle, white-collar voter fraud that happens on the technological level).


People are voting in record numbers, especially groups that have been notorious for low turnout in the past. Naturally, the best thing to do is to SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN.

*He loves that Sudafed messaging – he's mentioned it in every interview. Maybe he has sinus problems. See, the governor knows a thing or two about disenfranchisement!

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