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Republicans Call on Uninsured to Boycott Insurance Because America

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Today in Awesome Ideas that Make Sense, the patriots at FreedomWorks are giving out fake "Obamacare" cards and encouraging folks, primarily young people to show their opposition by BURNING THEM IN PUBLIC.


Because, you see, young healthy people are key to the failure of Obama's plan. Their lower costs help to keep the plans affordable, so the plan is to boycott them, therefore driving up costs. For poor older people, who are more likely to get sick! Hahahah!

From NPR:

"We're going to be holding burnings around the country," said Clancy [FreedomWorks' VP]. "Without burning anything down," he's quick to add. "It's all peaceful and lawful."

Clancy says the idea is to harken back to the days of the Vietnam War, when protesters burned their draft cards — a federal crime that got many sent to prison.

"The individual mandate at the heart of Obamacare is a lot like a military draft," he said. And if enough young people resist the health law the way they resisted the war, "then Washington will get the signal, we'll be able to reopen this law, and we'll be able to push for patient centered reforms that really help people get the coverage they need."



  • The GOP is siding with draft dodgers now? Obamacare is Vietnam 2.0?
  • Burning things in public = a great way to conduct an event. Also,
  • Burning things in public = a great way to not associate your group with racists
  • How many of these "protesters" will actually not need affordable insurance because they're still on their parents' plans? (Bootstraps!)

Sarcasm megaphone down: what makes me the angriest may be the most obvious criticism: since FreedomWorks wants people to not have insurance, they're pretty much fine with them being tools for their agenda, because the organizers don't have to make the sacrifice. I mean, I would imagine the guys in charge of this have insurance, right?

Remember folks, not getting affordable insurance is the American way, because making the government pay for your healthcare is the pathway to socialism and/or makes you on par with those minorities who only want "free stuff."

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